How To Place A Diablo 3 gold Order In

Do you think place a Diablo 3 gold order is as difficult as find a reliable warcraft gold selling site?

In, we will tell you the exactly way to place a Diablo III gold order and finish the order in a short time!

When you want place an order in D3Lover.COM, you don't have to consult us before the purchase, we will contact you within 30 minutes , and choose what you want ,click the button " buy now", then a page will be showed to you.

First, you should fill in your E-mail address and make sure that your e-mail address is valid, because we need to verify some information via e-mail.

Second, write down your full name and country so that we can contact you smoothly, the following thing is tell us your telephone/mobile number , in order to offer more smooth service and faster delivery speed, please leave your correct phone number and keep your phone working within 15 minutes after placing an order. It is better for us contact you to seek your confirmation about your order, you also should leave correct character name In Diablo III , avoiding to give the Diablo 3 gold to a wrong gamer.

If you have some other requirement when you place an order ,you can write it down in the Remark bank and we will try our best to meet your needs.If your Character ID has specific symbol, please write down here or Email or Contact us By Live Chat Help.

Last you should choose of kinds of payments, there are four ways you can choose , after you have done all those thing , click " check out" ,in 15 minutes,our staff will contact you and finish the order.

Following these steps, you will fine it is really easy and safe to buy Diablo 3 gold in

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