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I played HC under KOI back in 1.03. KOI_ or ~Ice was the tag. From there on I played solo, had named CUBAN_POWER and other chars top bvb and barb. I played with alot of people, Goddess (This lady discovered the duped exec from HCC 1.07 - 1.09... I forgot the name right now but it was the most popular exec in hard core for S\S Barbs, if you dont know what im talking about then you didnt play 1.09 and below.,Jojo, Smoke It (this guy is old school and became a disgusting bvb), Olive, Emerald Ice (for me the king of pk), Vince (this guy was nasty bvb), Madcontrolcow (when the first dupe method came out this guy had it, i became rich as hell and i think this was like 1.04 - 1.06 i dont remember precisely., ebolazaire, etc the list goes on and on.


Big ups to the people from olo all the way back from 1.09 had alot of fun games and alot of fun kills.  Diablo 3 gold is necessary for your Dibalo 3 playing trip. Come to and buy Diablo 3 Gold ASAP, to rich your account, you will be the king of the world. There are so many more entrys in the Facebook sweepstakes then there are opt-ins. Better chance to get an opt-in. Blizzard really handled this poorly. Made it seem more about the money, then the game or fans. Which with the recent wow sub for d3 thing makes me think this even more. No longer is it about producing high quality games(to an extent) and more about greed. I know I will buy D3 Gold when it hits the shelves, but for now I have Skyrim/Arkam City/TL2/Rage/BF3 to keep my mind busy until Blizzard decides to release D3.


I just want to played the full game, good luck everyone! you know how it is, you watch the news and you see some rich guy winning the lottery, in this case it will be 200 people who already have keys. I really wish I could get a chance to play the beta.. I was a top HCC USWest barb player and played stress test.. this time around I am stuck watching videos sitting around waiting for d3 like a fiend. i have signed up to every sweepstake and opted in and nothing.

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