What's The Best Place To Farm Gold In Diablo 3 ?

After diablo 3 is released,in recent days, lots of diablo 3 players are finding the best ways and best places to farm gold in diablo 3. In this article, d3lover.com specially tell you the best place to farm gold in diablo 3.


Being able to farm diablo 3 gold is Subtle Essence is pretty powerful considering the same trick will work on all 4 difficulties as long as your character is powerful enough to solo Captain Daltyn. That means we can farm Shimmering Essence, Wishful Essence and Exquisite Essence depending on how powerful our character is. We’ll also get a good deal of Fallen Teeth, Lizard Eyes, Encrusted Hoofs and Iridescent Tears.

For crafting mats do "A Shattered Crown" quest runs, where you kill Haedrig's wife and you will never even have to leave town. She drops 1 or 2 blues nearly 100% of the time plus you have a chance of a blue dropping from the zombie pack you kill down there. Once you are done, tele to town, leave the game, reset quest and do it again ad nauseam.


Regarding the auction house, players are using it to buy gear, you just got to understand which gear. Once you do, then you have to determine how much gold they can even spare to buy your items. On day one, people could only part with so much gold, and understanding this led to players making smart decisions like not selling legendaries quite yet.


The best place to farm gold in diablo 3 is not going to help us figure out what to farm in the live version. We will have to figure out which dungeons have the best chance of pitting us against elite monsters with high magic item drop rates while also figuring out which dungeons are close together and allow us to run several without spending too much time recreating games and traveling. It’s likely that the end-game encounter against Diablo will be ran most especially early on.


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